First impression of New York city

My partner and I went to New York City for the Christmas holidays. This has been a long dream of mine to spend Christmas in NY. I am glad I was not disappointed. We began planning the trip in February of 2018 and so we saved quite a bit on plane tickets and a hotel.

We flew direct to NY on the 21st December and honestly, the flight was not that bad. There was on board entertainment to occupy us for the entire time and our seats were spacious enough. We stayed in a hotel in the centre of Upper Manhattan. Our hotel room was decent but the heating system in the hotel was absolutely disappointing. The room had an air conditioning unit with a heater setting. In other words, when the heat is on for 5 mins, the room gets too hot, then we turn it off and the room is immediately too cold again. It was a vicious cycle.

First night in the city, we were pretty exhausted from the 9 hour flight (if you count the delays in taking off and landing). We didn’t get up to much, had a few snacks and we dosed off ready for the next day. 

Manhattan, in my opinion is not as big as the movies make it out to be. Granted it’s got many tourist attractions, many food places and quite a number of parks; the city itself is in fact small. I was surprised at how easily we managed to navigate our way around the city on foot. That’s the one thing I loved about New York City, it’s very easy to navigate. Unlike London or Paris, you just need the street number and street name and you’re good. 

We were collectively not very impressed with New York particularly Manhattan. I personally prefer London even though it’s smaller in size. New York in my opinion is not as elegant as London. Would I go back to NY? Probably not. But I enjoyed my time there and I am grateful for the experience.

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