Day 1 in NY

The first couple of days in NY were the busiest for us. We had a lot planned and we wanted to complete as much sightseeing as physically possible in a single day. 

Day 1- morning- breakfast

We got up really early on Saturday and had breakfast at the hotel, which wasn’t bad but it was also not the best; in comparison to an English breakfast. The eggs tasted like they had been reheated several times until all the flavour evaporated. The sausages were too small and tasteless for my liking and don’t get me started on the tea. I had to use 3 tea bags to get the tea to my liking otherwise I would be having watery milk. Nevertheless, the breakfast sufficed and we didn’t go hungry for the morning. 

After breakfast, we started on our sight seeing journey. I had made a checklist of all the places I wanted to visit. The first on the list was of course Central Park. My only impression of Central Park was probably from movies like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Gossip Girl and Friends. As you would expect in Winter, Central Park was cold, and filled with dead trees but yet it was somehow still picturesque. 

We strolled through the park on our way to Times Square. We stopped in the park to take a couple of pictures. It was quite lively for a winter morning with the laughter of children, people walking their dogs, others jogging, venders selling food and others doing their own things. I enjoyed setting my eyes on the “famous” Central Park. It was definitely worth the visit. 

For the rest of the morning, we walked through Times Square. We specifically chose the morning time to avoid all the tourist rush since it was a weekend. Besides the big billboards, there isn’t much to see there and a quick walk though is enough. From Times Square, we made our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The MET. The MET is absolutely gorgeous with so much history and art.

One of the art pieces up in the MET

The MET has 4 wings and we only managed to complete a quarter of the first wing on day 1- the South wing which if memory serves had the African, Oceania and Americas displays. We had to come back over the next 2 days to see the rest of the displays. Good thing the tickets were valid for 3 days. I will discuss more of this visit in another blog. 

After The MET, we went out for dinner at Le Steak. We had high expectations for this place since it was supposedly a French restaurant but we were utterly disappointed. The food was burnt and tasteless and the service was terrible. We had to shop for snacks afterwards. That was our dinner. 

Tip: If and when you go to NY, please get the Citi pass. It’s a little money saver. It works as a discount voucher. You pay $20 for one pass and you can save over $100 in admission fees and food places. We didn’t get one because we didn’t know. And we came wise to it too late. 

14 thoughts on “Day 1 in NY

  1. Though breakfast didn’t turn out perfect for you, it seems you still had a wonderful time. NY is a great place to visit.

  2. I hate to visit a place and I’m served terrible food. I can so hate it. I hope you still enjoy your stay inspire of that?

  3. Thanks for the detailed account of your journey. Central Park and The MET sound great and full of life. I appreciate the Citi tip as well in case I visit and need to save.

  4. From the photos you took, it seems you had a lot of fun and adventure too. I look forward to going to NY someday.

  5. It’s one of my greatest dreams to be able to travel to New York someday. I’m glad that you still managed to make the most of it despite the many setbacks and disappointments.

  6. I’m glad that you had a fun time in New York! Just by reading, it seems like you really had a blast. I love New York City as well and I hope to go there someday.

  7. Thanks for the tip..I love to visit new York and explore central park too..I only see it on television.. I’m sure you enjoyed your trip

  8. New York sounds fascinating when you writte about it, it make me wish to visit it.

  9. Based on your experiences, especially in food, I dob’t want to go there anymore. If I want to visit a place, I will taste their food first, but as for your experience dining twice yet not satisfied is not a good experience at all.

  10. I love New York city too. It is a wonderful and lovely place to be. From your post I know had great fun. Yes getting citi pass I wouldn’t forget that

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