Day 2 in NY

Second day here we go. Again, we got up really early. We were still excited for the city experience. We had Cheetos and left over snacks from the previous day as breakfast. We didn’t feel like hotel breakfast and frankly quite lazy to go looking for food. After breakfast, we wrapped up warm and continued down our checklist. 

I wanted to see the city from above. So what did we do? We walked to the Rockefeller Centre. More specifically, the Top of the Rock (not sure why it’s called that). I queued to get the tickets to go to the Observation Deck. Tickets were $35 dollars each. The lady behind the counter asked me if I had a Citi Pass. I said no. She said are you sure because you get 30% off the ticket price. Sadly, I said no because I didn’t have one. You can imagine how I felt in that moment. The lady probably thought I was crazy to pay the full price. Oh well! You learn. 

Anyway, we queued up with the rest of the group heading in our direction. It was only a 15 min wait. They had different time slots as per the ticket. We had to wait for our turn. Was the view worth the price? Heck Yes!!! I loved it. My partner on the other hand had mixed feelings. 

Top of the Rock

Afterwards, we walked around the city taking pictures as tourists do. We then made our way back to the MET stopping by Grand Central Station. I had to! It was beautiful as advertised. 

While at the MET, we saw the first Christmas tree ever! You know, since it was the season! We didn’t spend much time at the MET though. I was feeling exhausted from all the walking the day before. So we went back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped by Fairway (the equivalent of Sainsbury’s) and got some food- that was our dinner. We then relaxed for the rest of the evening and nodded off. 

First ever Christmas tree

Day 2 wasn’t as eventful as Day 1. Day 2 being a Sunday, we felt quite lazy as we often do in our own home. However, saying that, we managed to see everything on the checklist in 2 days. I was not impressed! I was expecting more and was frankly quite disappointed. But I am still glad I went. 

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