Day 3 in NY

Day 3- Christmas Eve. We made it our goal to finish seeing the MET exhibitions. This was the last day we could use our 3 day tickets. So normal routine, we got up early and got dressed. This time we decided not to have snacks or hotel breakfast, so we went out to find something to eat. I am a very indecisive person and those that know me would strongly agree. The last thing you could do is to ask me to pick a place to eat. Chances are, you’ll starve before I decide what and where I want to eat. My partner knew this about me but still gave me the option to decide. You might have guessed it. It took me a while to choose a place to eat. A long walk to Madison Square Garden to be exact, and every place we walked past on the way wasn’t appealing to me. 

Madison Square Garden was not on our tourist list but I wanted to see “The Grinch” show since it was the season. However, we got there too early as the show wouldn’t start till 10am. We went through the security checks only to be told we can’t go any further. We were furious but since we didn’t know any better, we shrugged it off.

So we got breakfast instead. There was a small place opposite the Square Garden. There were plenty of people inside so we figured the food must be good. We were so mistaken. I ordered some breakfast menu choice number 1 and my partner went for choice number 2. To say the least, the food was awful and it was served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery. The cutlery you would get from a chippy shop to have with your chips and sausage. And again, the tea was disgusting. I will say it again, tea is not watery milk. That’s not tea! That’s diluted milk. Anyway, we finished the food however awful it was seeing as the quality didn’t match the price. 

Afterwards, we headed to the MET and finished off most of the art displays. It was absolutely tiring since we only had a few hours to see everything before closing time. Honestly, this was the best use of our time. The Egyptian wing was my favourite. There is a water feature. 

From the MET, we made our way to the Subway via the New York Library. I had read online that this was supposedly one of the best libraries in the world! So obviously, I had to see it for myself. It was big, but I have seen better. Maybe I am biased to my library back home. I don’t think it lived up to the image in my head. We also had restricted access, so we couldn’t go past some areas and photography was not permitted. I guess that killed the vibe. The architecture of the library on the other hand is beautiful. We didn’t spend long here and continued on our way to the Subway. 

My partner has a relative in Brooklyn who invited us to spend Christmas day with her. As such, we embarked on what seemed like a 2 hour subway ride to Brooklyn going through Brooklyn Bridge. Not the best subway experience but also not the worst. There was free entertainment on board in the form of dancers (as they believed) and a very loud and annoying drummer. I personally think he was high. There were varied segments of entertainment. 

We spent the evening in the company of my partners’ relatives, good food, drinks and stories. This was the first time we had anything remotely close to decent food while in NY. Why? Because it was fresh home cooked food. It was a delightful evening. The perfect way to end the day. 

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