Day 4 and 5 in NY

Day 4- Christmas Day.

Christmas day was pretty chilled since almost everything was closed. My partner’s aunt made us a great breakfast with pancakes, fruit, fresh juice and tea. We were couch potatoes for most of the day. 

In the evening, we took a stroll around Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and watched the gorgeous sunset. It was freezing cold but we needed the exercise to burn off all the nice food we had consumed. 

At the beach watching the sunset

The plan was to spend Christmas with my partner’s Aunt and then return to our hotel. However, when we told her about our hotel, being a lawyer, she got on the phone and requested a refund on our behalf. She was also very generous and invited us to spend the reminder of our time in NY with her. To say the least, we were grateful. No more battling with the air conditioning. (Go read Day 1 in NY, you’ll know what I’m talking about). 

In the interesting turn of events, we made two rounds from Manhattan to Brooklyn and vice versa to collect our stuff. We were also lucky to have a good taxi driver willing to do both journeys at a reasonable cost. 

Day 5- Boxing Day

We did more touristy things. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Chinatown via the financial district and had a peek at the New York Exchange Stock. It was quite impressive.

Walking through Chinatown, I bought boiled ground nuts (they were still in their shells). I love boiled ground nuts. We ate them as we walked around trying to find a nice place to have lunch. Again, this took us a while but we were not very hungry, so we didn’t mind. 

Anyway, we decided on a nice little restaurant not far from the Subway back. I ordered white rice with pork on top. That’s exactly what I got. Dry white rice topped with pieces of fried pork. I was in shock! But I couldn’t blame them. I got exactly what the menu stated. My partner had a bowl of sea food soup. I didn’t finish my meal. It was too dry and tasteless. 

After our lunch, we made our way back to Brooklyn via the Subway. Took another stroll on the beach and it was a wrap for the day. 

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