Day 6 and 7 in NY

Day 6
We did absolutely nothing! We stayed in doors and watched TV and had good food. We needed the rest. In the evening, we went to Dyker Heights and watched the fireworks display.

Dyker Heights with the christmas show

Day 7
This was our last day in NY. Our flight was late at night so we had the whole day. My partner’s Aunt took us out to New Jersey after breakfast for some last minute shopping. She drove us to an outlet mall. I usually prefer online shopping online for clothes. The mall wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. I managed to get some good things. We spent the morning here. 

With the shopping done, my partner’s Aunt made us a lovely lunch/dinner. After which she kindly drove us to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. 

We had a lovely time in NY but for me, I wouldn’t want to return. I guess I fed into all the hype of the place. Or maybe I was expecting too much or I was probably too critical.  Looking forward to the next trip.

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