Growing beautiful roses

Growing beautiful roses is not as hard as people think. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the look and smell of roses. I honestly could not wait to grow my own. And as chance would have it, with some space, I started my own rose garden. It took me several tries to get my roses looking beautiful but it was all worth it. I have picked up some tips along the way that helped me. So I will share them with you and answer any questions you might have.

Pink roses

What is the best time to plant roses?

Roses thrive best when planted in late Autumn, early winter or early spring. This is referred to as the dominant period. Planting roses in during these periods allows the roots to establish and get used to the soil so by summer, the roses are ready to blossom. Avoid planting roses in the middle of winter or on frozen ground as this will damage the root system.

Yellow roses

Where should you plant your roses- location?

Roses generally need at least 6 hours of full sun a day. However, this isn’t always possible since some gardens have partially shaded areas where plants will either get the early morning sun or the late afternoon sun. It is all about positioning during the planting stage. Pick the best spot in your garden for the roses. If they are potted roses, these are easy to move around. Regardless of where you place roses, they will survive without full sun but it is ideal.

What is the best soil for growing your roses?

This is a tough question to answer because rose are very adaptable and will almost grow in any soil type. However, the soil must be well drained, inherent and contain a good amount of organic matter. Roses absolutely hate wet soil, and I mean standing water. Roses have a unique root system that requires air in the soil to allow them to breathe and stagnant water will drown the roses preventing them from growing. This is especially crucial for potted roses. Don’t plant in sandy soil and too much nitrogen in the soil will cause excess foliage and no flowers, so be mindful.

What do I feed my roses?

Feeding your roses regularly is key to them flourishing. Roses should be fed in early spring just as they begin to grow or after you have planted them. Everyone uses different rose feed, I have tried several different ones and I found Richard Jackson’s Flower Power the best. I will vouch for this and say this stuff is absolute magic.

Pest control

So, you have planted your roses and now you have to think about how to keep them healthy. The best pest control method is to plant roses with other plants such as herbs. These are called Rose Companions. Check roses frequently for signs of disease such as leaves with holes in them. Spray your roses with organic sprays at least twice a week when they are first planted. This is when they are most vulnerable to pests. Continue to monitor the roses as they grow and spray them accordingly to keep them looking healthy and disease free.

9 thoughts on “Growing beautiful roses

  1. I do work in a rose farm. Roses are a beauty. I always like to move around through different varieties.

  2. Planting roses this has never crossed my mind.This will be a nice adventure for me.planting and tending to roses look like a full time work.

  3. Your roses look exceptional! Great on you to take the task of planting them yourself. I can understand how growing an organic garden and letting the soil breath is so fundamental. This is my first time coming across “Rose Companions” and I can see their value in protecting your garden. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We used to have roses in the garden, and I can say that they really need to have special care as they grow. My mother stopped growing them after a while. There were just too much plants growing in the garden that need to be looked after as well.

  5. Spot on…I have been thinking of planting roses to beautify my house but I have not been able to bring myself to do it because I’m ignorant of the nitty gritty of it..thanks for posting this useful tips..

  6. My mother has her own rose garden before too. I remember how they bloom beautifully and how they smell so good. It will always be my favorite flower.

  7. I don’t think I love other flowers like I love roses. I have never tried planting roses but this post is motivating. I might think about it the next summer that I will be totally free.

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