This post is late but hey better late than never. I still can’t believe it has been a year already. I started my blog in August 2018 out of sheer boredom. As a recent graduate at the time, I had plenty of time on my hands between applying for jobs and my usual housework. When I started my blog, I did not think I would last a month blogging let alone a year. I have had an amazing reception on my posts. I was worried no one would be interested in reading my content.

I can honestly say that starting a blog is the best decision I made of 2018. I have enjoyed the journey and it’s always nice to read back on my old posts and realise how far I have come. 2019 has not been a great year for us- that post will come later but despite everything, I have tried to keep my blog alive. They say that most people give up blogging in the first year. I am glad I have survived the year. I have picked up plenty of tips as I have come to discover myself both as a blogger and a writer.

Have I been consistent with my blogging? -The answer is no. Life sometimes does get in the way, so the post schedule got re-written. Ivan and I had a rough couple of months during the summer of 2019, so blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat but I have always tried to at least post once a month. I can say life has now returned to normal and I plan on posting at least twice a week. I had plenty of ideas to write about at the beginning but then hit a writer’s block roughly after 10 posts. It took me at least a month to write another post. These are a few of the things I struggled with in the beginning.

Finding the prefect theme:

When I started my blog, I played around with several blog themes to find one that reflected my personal style. I currently use the Olsen theme. This is provided by WordPress and it’s very easy to navigate as well as design. Other themes I tried were; Beacon, Orsay, Savona, Twenty Seventeen among others. I liked the Olsen theme.

Keeping to my posting schedule:

As a beginner blogger, I made myself a timetable to post at least once a week to allow my blog audience to grow. I managed to keep up with it until I found a full-time job and the timetable got revised. My posting schedule changed to every 2 weeks and then to once a month. Blogging became my side thing and with time, I honestly lost track of my schedule. After the rough summer months, I decided I should keep up with my original posting schedule, but you know the saying- If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. So, as you guessed it, I could not sustain my original posting schedule, but I did manage to post once a month. My plan for 2020 is to post once a week and this time I really hope to keep up with it.

Blog following:

In my first year, it took me a while to have good blog following. It took me at least 3 months to get at least 50 followers. I knew it would take time for me to get blog followers, but I was happy to even have 1 follower. One tip I learnt in my one year of blogging was to have an active presence. What I mean by this is promoting your blog on social media i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, PinInterest, Twitter and even LinkedIn. It also helps to comment and like other people’s posts but don’t be overwhelming as this will normally put people off.

If this is your first time blogging or your thinking of blogging, I would say give it time. Be patient, everything times take. Enjoy and learn from the process.

To everyone that read/s my posts, thank you for the continued support and I hope I can blog more frequently in 2020.

Aggie xx


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