Indoor Mini Golf at Teezers

This will be a very short post about our holiday activity at Teezers– indoor mini golf.

Since it is the holidays, we wanted to do something other than staying in the house. So Ivan had a look around the internet and bingo, we found mini golf. Neither one of us has ever played mini golf or golf for that matter so this was exciting. We got the tickets a week in advance and it only cost £20 for the both of us.


Teezers is in Coventry city centre so it’s fairly easy to get to. There is a 18+ admission age requirement so its not a child friendly place for a family evening. The place itself was very welcoming; a calm and relaxing environment with good music. They also make cocktails and food. As you can see from the pictures, each of the holes was themed.

Did it go in?

Our booking was for 4 pm, we made it there on time. We checked in, got our golf balls and clubs. As per the game rules, there are 18 holes and 8 rounds per hole to sink the ball before you lose your turn. We played all the holes but the 18th hole was the worst. Ivan won. I left pouting at the end of the game because I’m very competitive and if I play a game, I play to win. The whole game lasted an hour, after which we stopped at a Japanese and Korean restaurant for dinner called a Sushi to cheer me up and also because we were both very hungry.

a Sushi restaurant in Coventry
Loved in the interior of the restaurant.

The food was awesome. It was a tiny place in Coventry city centre, about a 10 walk from Teezers. The staff were great. It was a great evening out.

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