2020- Travel Plans

We did not travel much in 2019, so we we hope to explore more in 2020. Saying that though, we managed to travel within the UK including Manchester, Coventry, Leicestershire and Tewkesbury. In 2020, we are hoping to travel further than the UK, hopefully more see more countries in Europe and the world depending on our financial status. So far, we are thinking of a 2-week holiday to America but that could change. If the year is good to us, we may be able to squeeze in some more trips towards the end.


We went to Manchester for the Giorgio Moroder concert. We spent the night there and returned home the next morning. We have been to Manchester twice prior to this, so we had done all the exploring we wanted.


Coventry is about a 30-min drive from our house, so we decided to spend the Sunday at the park since the weather was good. We went to the War Memorial Park. The park is beautiful with the spring flowers blooming. We went in May, so the weather was still a little chilly- the last days of spring. We had some ice cream and walked through the park and then went home.


For our anniversary this year, we went to Leicestershire, specifically San Giovanni in Sheepy Parva. We had plans to spend our anniversary in Berlin, but you know, life happens and plans change. We had a rough year, so we opted for something closer to home. Nonetheless, the day was great!


Tewkesbury is a small town in Gloucester. After I was made redundant from my previous job, I decided to take up the offer to work in Tewkesbury. After all, you can’t turn away money. Tewkesbury is about 56 miles from home. I drove almost 120 miles daily to work and back. The drive was actually alright, it was the other road users that were not. Tewkesbury is a lovely little town surrounded by two rivers. It tends to flood but other than, it is an ok town. I would have a hard time living in Tewkesbury since I am used to big cities.

What are your travel plans for 2020?

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